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Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Atlantic City, NJ

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Dear Father,

We thank you for the opportunity Chad and I had to volunteer at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission in January 2013.  Lord, things are deteriorating in Atlantic City with the collapse of the casino industry.  Many are losing their jobs and, for some of those, that may lead to homelessness.  The Atlantic City Rescue Mission has never been more important.

We ask you for the following blessings on this charity:

  • The leaders of Atlantic City Rescue Mission will please you by their faith in You.
  • You will help the leaders of Atlantic City Rescue Mission learn from their adversity and then enjoy victory over the adversities they face.
  • You will direct, empower, and resource Atlantic City Rescue Mission to help the leaders achieve excellence in what they do.
  • You will bring those who have lost hope to Atlantic City Rescue Mission to be blessed by their excellence.
  • You will transform and bless the lives of those who reach out to Atlantic City Rescue Mission for help.
  • Those whose lives are transformed by your work through Atlantic City Rescue Mission will share their stories so others in need can be comforted.

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Volunteering With the Atlantic City Rescue Mission

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The windows were opened, revealing a long line of about 75 men in crisis waiting quietly and patiently for their lunch. While the ladies got right to work serving the first people in line, I briefly was mesmorized by the faces and demeanor of these men. Quite a few looked like educated business professionals. They were appreciative of the meal they were receiving. They were polite and quite a few joked pleasantly with the servers.