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Williamsburg Christian Church, Williamsburg VA

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Dear Father,

I was blessed by reading the values of Williamsburg Christian Church of Williamsburg VA as published on their website.

They write:

  • All people can be redeemed and restored because of what God has done in Jesus Christ.
  • We go where others are and join what the Spirit is already doing among them. Mission is a way of seeing people, being genuinely interested in them, and wanting their lives to be made whole. But unlike Jesus, most of us have homes, jobs, and families. Therefore we must be intentional and habitual as we bear witness to God’s kingdom and step out as every day people living in every day places to meet those who want God’s peace.
  • Our American culture tempts us to keep to ourselves in isolation or keep others at a comfortable distance. Consequently, we live among people in close proximity but lack neighborliness. We have come to realize that for our lives to flourish we must live in close community as good neighbors to all who live among us.
  • In meaningful community and an awareness of our common need for God, we can eventually take the risk of exposing our hearts. We believe that “admitting our sin” is not the first step in a one-time transaction for salvation, but a life-long practice of opening oneself to God for healing. Because being honest is more important than being right, we seek to practice this kind of vulnerability in our life together as God’s children.

Father, I love this language. A church publishing testimonies is a way to “step out as every day people living in every day places to meet those who want God’s peace.” Where are those people who want peace? Searching online for help! A carefully tagged testimony can be found by people searching in their moment of despair.

Father, what can be better to help believers break out of isolation than to expose their hearts, embrace vulnerability, and share their testimonies?

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