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Immanuel Bible Church, Springfield VA

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Dear Father,

I thank You for the growth of Immanuel Bible Church of Springfield VA. As You have done so many times, You took a small group of people in 1964 and You built their devotion into a large congregation with a multitude of services and ministries in 2016.

Father, You are God. The amazing God. There is nothing You can’t do. I am just one man. A broken man. A weak man. However, I am also a redeemed man. I am devoted to the calling You have given me – to encourage churches around the US to publish testimonies on their church websites. I am planting seeds every day, praying for churches around the US. I’m trusting that You are making those seeds grow. I am trusting that You, as a result of these seeds, will encourage more and more people to share their testimonies, inside of Your church and outside of Your church, on church websites, with a hurting world who is searching for hope on Google. People are searching for answers in situations of grief, financial crisis, health crisis, depression, addiction, domestic violence, crisis pregnancy, and more. You have saved people from all kinds of adversity. Let them tell Your stories!

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