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The Telling Room

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Dear Father,

I thank you for enjoyable phone conversations I have had with the folks at The Telling Room.  What a unique service they offer – helping our young develop their writing talents!  I pray that out of their work will come young men and women who write in such a manner that inspires the hopeless and despairing to believe in their futures.

We ask you for the following blessings on this charity:

  • You will help the leaders of The Telling Room learn from their adversity and then enjoy victory over the adversities they face.
  • You will direct, empower, and resource The Telling Room to help the leaders achieve excellence in what they do.
  • You will bring those who have lost hope to The Telling Room to be blessed by their excellence.
  • You will transform and bless the lives of those who reach out to The Telling Room for help.
  • Those whose lives are transformed by your work through The Telling Room will share their stories so others in need can be comforted.

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