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First Presbyterian Church North Shore, Ipswich MA

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Dear Father,

I thank You for the opportunity to visit, on Sunday March 13, 2016, the First Presbyterian Church Northshore in Ipswich MA.  I sensed a genuine love for You and for others and a transparency and humility of spirit.

On their website they write:

Extend to everyone…We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is a life changing message communicated in word and deed, locally and globally.  We seek to love our neighbors as ourselves in the house next door or a people across the globe.

Father, You do change lives and that message does need to be shared, by serving others in crisis (volunteering/deed) and by the sharing of testimonies (word).  I pray that churches like First Presbyterian Church Northshore will publish testimonies on their websites.  I pray also for a wave of volunteering to sweep American churches.  Father, I’m not asking for people to volunteer internally within the church, though of course I ask that You meet those needs.  I’m asking for believers to go out into their community, volunteering to help people in all kinds of crises.  It is  the communication of Your life changing message through deed.

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