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The Bridge, Fresno CA

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Dear Father,

Another day.  Another church website with language that reveals Your heart.

How many times have I read words similar to what I found on the website of The Bridge of Fresno, CA:

We hope you find encouragement today and that you see clearly how much God loves you. No matter where you’ve been or what your life looks like, you’re important to God and to us!

Father, such language calls for the publishing of testimonies on church websites.  Testimonies are about God’s love, no matter where someone has been or what their life looks like.  Testimonies are evidence that we are important to You.  I pray You will raise up testimonies at this church and encourage whomever You need to encourage to get those testimonies published – on the front page.  I pray You will help the hurting people in Fresno find those testimonies via online searches.

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