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Chester County Food Bank, Exton PA

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Dear Father,

Thank you so much for the opportunity my son and I had to volunteer with the Chester County Food Bank this summer.  We ask your continued blessing on this charity – that the poor in the county who need nourishing meals on a regular basis will always have the meals they need.

We ask you for the following blessings on this charity:

  • You will help the leaders of  Chester County Food Bank (CCFB) learn from their adversity and then enjoy victory over the adversities they face.
  • You will direct, empower, and resource CCFB  to help the leaders achieve excellence in what they do.
  • You will bring those who are hungry and who have lost hope to CCFB to be blessed by their excellence.
  • You will transform and bless the lives of those who reach out to CCFB for help.
  • Those whose lives are transformed by your work through CCFB will share their stories so others in need can be comforted.

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Reflections After Working on a Farm for Chester County Foodbank

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Chad and I spent three hours removing the stalks from thousands of onions at Pete’s Produce Farm in West Chester, PA, volunteering our time for the Chester County Food Bank. The thousands of onions we processed yesterday will tweak the taste buds of hungry families throughout the county. It was a pleasure serving alongside six other adults and two elementary age twin boys.