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First Baptist, Darby PA

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Dear Father,

Thank You for First Baptist of Darby of Darby, PA! It is Your desire that those who call First Baptist of Darby home love You with all their hearts and love their neighbors in crisis who live in Darby, PA. I pray that You will accomplish Your purposes for this church. I ask that You increase the unity of the congregation. Build friendships and trust in one another. Transform lives and encourage the people of First Baptist of Darby who You have blessed to have the courage to share their stories with those who have lost hope. Increase the desire in this congregation for volunteer service, not only for the needs within the church, but also for the needs of the residents of the Darby PA community. I pray Your blessings on the leadership of First Baptist of Darby, that they might delight more and more in the blessings of a close relationship with You.

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