Marsh Creek Community Church, Exton PA

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Marsh Creek Community Church, Exton PA

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Dear Father,

I thank You for how You are moving churches across America to tell stories.  Stories of lives changed.  Stories of thankfulness for the Christian community.  Such is the case with the Marsh Creek Community Church website, where members are not ashamed to express their appreciation through video for Your work in the life of the church.

They write:

We help people develop a genuine relationship with Christ, with one another, and with others in our changing world….You will find an authentic community, with lives increasingly centered on Jesus, in the process of being transformed by His presence and sent on His mission.

What a call to testimony sharing!  I love Your wording there, Father!

I ask that You will create more testimonies of lives changed at Marsh Creek.  I pray that You will raise up more people in the church to share their testimonies, with one another, and with the public.  I pray that people in the Chester County area will find comfort in the video testimonials on their website.

In Jesus name,