Concord Liberty Church, Glen Mills PA

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Concord Liberty Church, Glen Mills PA

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Dear Father,

I love seeing church websites that welcome the unchurched, the hurting, and the despairing!

I believe the Concord Liberty Church website is such a website.  The Glenn Mills, PA church writes:

Come as Visitors – Leave as Friends – Return as Family

Facing a tough road?  We have people who will walk alongside you. Through one-to-one caring and confidential relationships, they visit, listen and offer Christian love and encouragement to those who are hurting and going through difficult times.

Father, I ask that people in crisis are led into the ministries of this church.  May they discover a loving and caring church family.  I also ask that You create more and more testimonies in this church, that members of the congregation share them with one another, and, eventually, on the front page of their church website.

In Jesus name,