Calvary Lutheran Church, West Chester PA

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Calvary Lutheran Church, West Chester PA

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Dear Father,

A church is a greenhouse of faith, as Pastor Daniel Krewson shares in the video on the Calvary Lutheran of West Chester PA website.  You are growing us, making us more and more like Christ.

You, Father, do accept us just the way we are.  You also love us enough not to leave us that way.  Thank You that Pastor Daniel was given such wording!

Father, Daniel states that a church is plugged in to the power of God.  That power is revealed in the trnasformation of lives.  I ask that You encourage the folks at Calvary Lutheran to share their testimonies – first with one another and then with the West Chester community, courageously sharing on the church website.

I pray You will bless Calvary Lutheran with unity, as a body of people from different backgrounds and perspectives celebrate You.

In Jesus name,