Bible Fellowship Church, Yardley PA

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Bible Fellowship Church, Yardley PA

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Dear Father,

I thank You for inspiring the folks of Bible Fellowship Church of Yardley PA to publish these words on their website:

When we say we want to “make disciples,” it means we want more people to become forgiven followers of Jesus. This process, sometimes called discipling, is the responsibility that every Christian has to speak truth to one another in love so that we will grow in every aspect of our lives to become more like Jesus and lead others to do the same.

Father, I believe testimony-sharing is essential to discipling.  “I used to handle my problems in life an old way.  Now, because of Christ, I handle my problems in a new way.  Please learn the lessons I have learned through my adversity.”  As we disciple people, we share what You have taught us – our testimonies.  We are forgiven followers of Jesus who need to speak the true to one another in love, about every aspect of our lives.

I ask that You raise up testimonies in this church.  Encourage the congregation to share their testimonies with one another.  Eventually, I ask that a few courageous individuals will share their story on the church website so that the people of Yardley will know that You are real and relevant!

In Jesus name,