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Active Compassion Philly

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David Apple’s new book, Not Just A Soup Kitchen

Dear Father,

Thank you so much for the story of hope that comes from the life of David Apple, the director of Active Compassion Philly.  We ask that you bless his ministries to the homeless and the imprisoned in the city of Philadelphia, as well as the other ministries he leads.

We ask you for the following blessings on this ministry:

  • The leaders of Active Compassion Philly will please you by their faith in You.
  • You will help the leaders of Active Compassion Philly learn from their adversity and then enjoy victory over the adversities they face.
  • You will direct, empower, and resource Active Compassion Philly to help the leaders achieve excellence in what they do.
  • You will bring those who have lost hope to Active Compassion Philly to be blessed by their excellence.
  • You will transform and bless the lives of those who reach out to Active Compassion Philly for help.
  • Those whose lives are transformed by your work through Active Compassion Philly will share their stories so others in need can be comforted.

We ask for a special blessing on David’s new book, Not Just A Soup Kitchen, that it will empower local churches to effectively reach out in love to the brokenhearted in their communities.

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Miriams Kitchen Feeds the Homeless in Washington DC

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When Chad and I entered the kitchen area, we saw a wall of colorful photos, including photos of a visit to Miriam's Kitchen by First Lady Michelle Obama. Clearly a charity that enjoys a visit by the First Lady of the United States is an organization that has an outstanding reputation. It was truly an honor to support such a great team by volunteering for a few hours.

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Active Compassion Philly Feeds Philadelphia Homeless

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She is not only confined to an electric wheelchair but she spent most of the afternoon lying on her back because of her medical condition. That didn’t stop her from navigating her wheelchair around the room, helping to set the tables for the homeless who would shortly arrive for a meal. She was here today under considerably difficult circumstances to serve others in need. Her extreme adversity didn’t defeat her. She was victorious over it. It didn’t stop her from loving others. What a message for thousands of people across the US who are suffering with adversity! We don’t have to be defeated! We can become inspirational!