Awaken Church McAllen TX

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Awaken Church McAllen TX

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Dear Father,

Awaken Church of McAllen Texas writes on their website:

Inspiring, relevant, authentic…Awaken Church is a home, a place where everyone is significant and full of purpose. We believe that God has a great plan for your life and we are honored to come alongside you in your journey!

Father, I am convinced that published testimonies fit the description of “inspiring, relevant, and authentic”.  A published testimony shows that every life is significant, that every life has purpose.  A published testimony shows how God has a plan for a person’s life.  A published testimony is an invitation for Christ to come alongside someone who is on a difficult journey in life.

I go from church website to church website and I find text that compliments the mission You have given me – to encourage believers and churches to publish testimonies.  Father, create testimonies at Awaken Church and move people within the church to share those testimonies with the public.

In Jesus name,